Everyone deserves a dream day

At the Dreamcatchers Foundation, groups of native Dutch people and newcomers organise a dream day together for a woman with a refugee background. The same woman then organises something beautiful for someone else in a new group.

The Dream Day is a full-day programme that starts with a delicious breakfast in a special place, followed by an appropriate experience and concluded with a dinner with family, neighbors or friends. The afternoon activity responds to the dream woman’s wish.

The women are actively involved and, after a Dream Day has been realized for them, they can organize a Dream Day for someone else as a team. In this way they are included in a warm social network and they learn about Dutch customs and language.

This contributes to promoting the well-being and social integration of female refugees in the Netherlands.

Apply for a dream day

Do you know a woman for whom you want to request a dream day? Fill in the information below and we will contact you shortly. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call us on +316-42732730 or send an email to info@dreamcatchers-nederland.nl.

Help out

We are always looking for people to support us in facilitating dream days.

Dreamday Fatemeh

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